Our beautiful mom, Mary Lee Collinson Thorsby, was called to heaven on June 23, and has joined our dad, Bill Thorsby, in their family burial grounds at All Hallows Church outside Annapolis, Md. We were all there for her this past weekend, laying her to rest between dad and her parents, just the way she wanted.

Mom was born July 12, 1928, and reared in Edgewater. She grew up on what was known as Collierby-Brewer’s Chance Upheld Farm, where her father sold tobacco, fruits and vegetables and her mother sewed, baked and ran a Sunday tea room in their home. Folks would gather after church to enjoy her famous rolls and fried chicken.

A 1945 graduate of Annapolis High School, mom met dad on a blind date at the U.S. Naval Academy. She went on to work as a secretary at the U.S. Naval Engineering Experiment Station during WWII and the two got married on a snowy Dec. 19 morning in 1948 at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church. Dad’s career took them (and us) around the world.

Mom was an avid bridge player, cook, gardener and traveler. Her beauty, grace, smile and humor left an unforgettable impression on anyone lucky enough to know her.

Above all, she dearly loved her family. She wanted us to find our passions, pursue our dreams and achieve the highest levels of success. Mom never wanted us to miss an opportunity. And her one hope was that we, as a family, remain close, keep in touch and take care of one another.

She’s the reason I moved to San Antonio. The past few years with her were such a treat. She woke up every morning with a smile. She really did. She got dressed and put on her jewels. She had her hair done every Thursday. She wanted her home to look nice, there was always something she wanted done in the yard.

Dad used to say, “She’s always doing something. She never sits.” And it’s true. She didn’t like to just sit. Mom lived life so well, so gracefully and so beautifully – and she showed us how to do the same.

We miss them both terribly.

In honor of our city’s 300th Anniversary, I’m ranking my mom #60 in my 300 Reasons to Love San Antonio list. If you haven’t told your mom how much you love her today, now is a perfect time.