Located on the southern bank of our famed San Antonio River Walk, La Villita (“Little Village”) was one of San Antonio’s first neighborhoods – now listed on the U.S. Government’s National Register of Historic Places.

Within its romantic courtyards, spacious plazas and historic architecture, La Villita combines the charm of the past with the spirit of the present. This area features architectural styles that range from adobe structures to early Victorian and Texas vernacular limestone buildings. They’re now home to more than 25 shops and galleries that showcase local handmade goods from works of art to custom clothing and jewelry to other one-of-a kind keepsakes.

You’ll find plenty of great restaurants, too, including Little Rhein Steakhouse and Fig Tree. And La Villita hosts more than 200 events per year.

Visit the website for more details, along with the interesting history of this area.

In honor of everything that makes our city so unique, I’m ranking La Villita No. 72 in my 300 Reasons to Love San Antonio list. Another great reason to live, work, buy a home and enjoy the specialness of San Antonio.