All you need to do is look around, and you’ll see that San Antonio is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. An average of 66 people move here every day, making us the nation’s seventh largest city in the United States and the second largest city in Texas with our population topping 1.4 million or 1.5 million, depending on your source. That’s an 8.1% increase since 2010 – and that’s on top of the 16% increase we experienced between 2000 and 2010.

New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix and Philadelphia – those are the only six cities with a population larger than San Antonio. But if 66 people continue to move into San Antonio every single day for the next year or two, we’ll likely pass Philadelphia and take over the No. 6. spot.

It’s no secret that our new neighbors are driving up our real estate prices. In the past five years, San Antonio real estate has appreciated 40%! What’s the big attraction? Jobs, lower cost of living and our low tax rate. Plus, I often hear from newcomers that they like the big city/small town feel of San Antonio – and our friendliness.

Our growth is showing no signs of stopping. Our population is expected to top 4 million people by 2050 – that’s just 30 years from now!

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In honor of the attractiveness of our city, I’m ranking the San Antonio’s crazy growth No. 80 in my 300 Reasons to Love San Antonio list. Another great reason to live, work, buy a home and enjoy the specialness of San Antonio.