This year’s Monarch Fest is coming up March 28 and 29! Our amazing San Antonio Zoo has a two-day festival planned, celebrating all things monarchs, milkweed and migration! Join me there for free native milkweed and native nectar plant seeds, seed classes, a monarch photo booth and free butterfly feedings from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. We’ll all learn how to help end the extinction of the monarch butterfly. 

The monarch butterfly is the state insect of Texas and migrates through our region twice annually. This species and other beneficial insects need native habitat to rest, refuel and lay eggs for the next generation. As pollinators, they make it possible for plants to produce food needed to feed people and wildlife. Due to the demise of its population as a result of native habitat loss and increased use of pesticides, the beautiful monarch has emerged as an ambassador species bringing awareness to the fragility of natural ecosystems and the need for urban support.

In 2017, San Antonio was named the first Monarch Champion City by the National Wildlife Federation. As a Monarch Champion City, we are dedicated to adopting 24 recommended actions cited by the NWF, and one of those happens to be hosting a festival dedicated to the Monarch butterfly. San Antonio Zoo is a member of the Alamo Area Monarch Collaborative a city initiative to conserve the monarch in San Antonio Texas and surrounding areas.

In honor of San Antonio’s 300th anniversary, I’m ranking our Monarch Butterfly Migration No. 54 in my 300 Reasons to Love San Antonio list. Another great reason to live, work, buy a home and enjoy the natural beauty of San Antonio.