Here in San Antonio’s exciting world of real estate, it’s not unusual to get an offer for your home right away – multiple offers, in fact! And with me as your Realtor, I’ll ensure that your home selling process goes smoothly at all points along the way.

These six steps will guide us as we seal just the right deal:

Incoming offers
I’ll review these with you immediately, reading through them carefully and flagging anything of concern. After thoughtful consideration, we’ll decide whether to accept or prepare a counter offer. Negotiation is one of my specialties, so don’t worry! I have plenty of knowledge and expertise to guide us through this process and handle all the paperwork. We’ll work together to get an acceptable contract at the right price, terms and conditions.

Home inspection
Most buyers will hire a licensed inspector to perform a home inspection prior to closing. Because you and I will have created and tackled your home repair list early on, there should be no surprises. It could be, though, that something comes up and the buyer may – or may not – ask for repairs or a price reduction.

Final walkthrough
You need to keep your home in tip-top shape even after the buyer’s contract is signed and delivered. They’ll do a final walkthrough. If anything is missing or damaged, it will likely stop the closing in its tracks if we can’t resolve it quickly. If everything is A-OK, then it’s closing time!

Where’s the remote?
Before you leave to attend the closing, you’ll want to gather up all of your house keys, remote controls, codes, owner’s manuals and warranties and anything else your buyer would find useful while living in your home.

The deed is done
I’ll be with you when it’s time to go to the title company and sign all the closing documents. You and I will have gone through the documents together beforehand so that you’ll know what to expect. Once everything is signed, the sale is considered complete and the funds will be wired to your bank account. Woo-hoo! It’s time to celebrate…and pack!

Pack ’em up and move ’em out
Between sips of champagne, you’ll need to pack up and move your possessions, clean your home and arrange for all utilities to be taken out of your name. Again, I have a great list of resources. I can help you with these arrangements, if needed.

Client referrals
Without a trusted, experienced Realtor, home selling can be complicated and stressful. I take great pride in making the home selling and the home buying process as easy as I can for my clients. Here’s a look at what they say about working with me. If you’d like to talk with any of my clients directly, I’d be happy to put you in touch! Let’s get going!

Pictured above: 8623 Oak Ledge in San Antonio’s Forest Oaks neighborhood is a beautiful, traditional ranch style home. It has 3 living areas, 2 dining areas and a recently updated Chef’s kitchen that is appropriately styled for the home with stunning finishes. The original wood floors throughout the house are in amazing condition. The spa like master bath was just completed! The backyard is a lush private oasis complete with a large pool. Listed by my Nix Realty Company colleague Jill Fitch. Let’s go see it!

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