Home sales are still going strong, despite Coronavirus and all the challenges that go with it. Those looking for homes in San Antonio are making offers right and left – so if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, let’s get going. Demand for houses is so strong here, and folks have plenty of time on their hands to look.

Be aware, though, of these kinds of buyers. They’re not necessarily bad – it’s just good to recognize them and be prepared:

1. “I’ll take it now.”
Some buyers are aggressive. This may be because of their nature – some people jump into everything – or because of circumstance. Maybe they’re being forced to relocate for work or they’ve been looking so long that they’re tired of the house-hunting process and are ready to buy.The aggressive buyer is ready to make the purchase and will usually be an all-cash buyer or have financing lined up. They may push for an earlier closing or make lots of demands in the contract.

2. “Just looking.”
Maybe they’re serious, and maybe they aren’t. Looky-loos might buy a home at some point, but today? Well, they’re not really sure if it’s the best time. What’s the rush? Buyers in this group usually spend a lot of time at open houses and real estate Web sites. They’ll tour your house repeatedly and seem to really like it…but they’re not ready to move forward. These folks may even have their financing lined up but can’t pull the trigger on a purchase.

3. “It’s gotta be perfect.”
Then there are the perfectionists. Sure, they’ll make an offer – on the perfect home. Be prepared for these buyers to view your home several times but end up determining that the eastern-facing front door is not an acceptable feature…and then they move on. Or if they do make an offer, it comes with so many extra conditions that you’ll wonder why they don’t just build a new house. They’ll want you to replace front door because it’s the “wrong” color or rip up the carpet in the master bedroom because it clashes with their sheets. Such small details shouldn’t matter. A little paint goes a long way, carpet can be replaced and furniture can be changed. But logic doesn’t matter to this buyer.

4. They’re in it “for the money.”
The opposite of the perfectionist is the buyer who doesn’t care about your home’s problems. Outdated bathrooms? Popcorn ceilings in every room? A bad foundation? No problem. These buyers either intend to remodel the moment they get the keys or they’re real estate investors who will buy nearly anything to turn a profit. While these buyers won’t be scared away by a property’s shortcomings, they also will want a low price.

I can help you understand the different types of home buyers you may encounter. The ultimate goal of a real estate transaction, of course, is a timely sale. But being aware of the motivations and characteristics of different types of buyers can reduce (but probably not eliminate) the stress of selling your home.

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Pictured above: 1402 Bobbins Ridge  in the Dominion in Clementson has 5 bedrooms and 4 baths, with multiple living and dining spaces. This home has gorgeous wood floors throughout, with no carpet. The Master is down, in addition to a second bedroom and full bath. No city taxes in this country setting that is minutes from the city. The absolutely stunning lot, with amazing, unobstructed views complete this perfect home package. Listed by my Nix colleague Jill Fitch. Let’s go see it!