January 2019 InfographicIf you’ve ever tried to sell a home in January, you know that winter months are usually slow in real estate. But that’s most definitely not the case in San Antonio. Last month’s sales were up from January a year ago – and so was the average price, which is now $249,477 for a spacious home in a lovely neighborhood.

Our city continues to attract newcomers – new talent as well as retirees – and a good many of our new neighbors are coming from California. It’s no secret that you’ll get far more for your money in Alamo City than you will in the Golden State.

In fact, a recent story in the Express News compared a $235,000 house in Oakland – just across the bridge from San Francisco – with one listed for the same price in San Antonio. What does that price get you here? Well, running water for one thing. Squatters stole the piping in the Oakland house. Plus, you get an extra 2,157 more square feet! The Oakland house measures in at 364 square feet – that’s $646 per square foot compared with the San Antonio home’s $93 per square foot!

Oakland vs San Antonio Prices

And here’s the even crazier thing – I bet the Oakland home will sell for far more than the asking price! In fact, let’s take a poll – what do you think?:

I think the Oakland house will sell for:

I’ll keep a watch on it and let you know!

Even with our rising home prices, San Antonio is still far more affordable than other cities in the U.S. – and, in fact, more affordable than other metro areas around Texas. So, if you’ve been trying to entice friends and family members to move to our beautiful city, please send them the link to the Express News article. And let me know what kind of home they’re looking for. I’d be delighted to pull a list and show them around next time they’re in town.

Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, it’s not too late to take advantage of our exciting San Antonio real estate market. Let’s connect – I’m eager to help you get started.

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