Congratulations! We’ve found the perfect house for you and have done our due diligence to confirm that you’re making the best purchasing decision. Now it’s time for us to make an offer. This is when the real work begins. Negotiating the price can be tricky – but here are four key tips that will help ensure your offer is accepted:

Don’t lose the house for a small amount of money
Often when an offer is made, the sellers will counter offer with a slightly higher price. If the seller is only asking for a few thousand dollars more than your offer, it might be worth considering so that you don’t lose the house. Everyone has a budget to stick to, but a few thousand dollars can work out to only a few dollars in your mortgage payment.

Don’t make a low offer because of décor
Is the carpet unattractive? Do you hate the wallpaper? Don’t let these aesthetic items fool you into making a low-ball offer. San Antonio is a seller’s market. Homes that need easy changes sell quickly. Look past these things and don’t insult the sellers with an offer that is too low.

Don’t walk away because of an inspection
Did the inspection report come up with some issues? That’s not unusual – most inspections reveal some sort of imperfections. Don’t let a lengthy inspection report keep you from purchasing your dream home. Most issues can be easily repaired. Let’s work together to negotiate with the seller to either make the repairs or lower the price to accommodate whatever needs to be fixed.

Don’t assume price is all that counts
Just because a home’s price is under your budget doesn’t always mean it’s the best deal. When purchasing a home, be sure to calculate in the price of repairs and upgrades that you will need. In addition, sellers don’t always accept the highest bidder. Often sellers are on a timeline and will take into consideration if you are willing to delay moving in – or if you’re able to speed things up.

Do work with a certified Texas Realtor
And that’s me! In fact, all of us at Nix Realty Company are certified Realtors. We are plugged into the best information and education to ensure that we are more than proficient in what we do. We also provide the highest level of professionalism and skill, making the entire process move smoothly. I would be delighted to help you find your perfect home at just the right price.

Let’s get started!

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134 East Brandon Dr., in Bel Meade (featured above) was recently sold by my Nix Realty Company colleague Kate Park. This 4/4 has wood floors in most of the home and seagrass carpet in living. Open floor plan, large master suite with remodeled bath and walk-in closet. Doors from master, living and dining lead to covered patio and pool. Large garage, storage room and carport.

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