Looking forward to retirement? It can be an exciting transition. Unfortunately, some people find themselves in tough circumstances due to unwise real estate moves. Most mistakes are avoidable, especially if you keep these 5 real estate tips in mind as you approach your retirement years:

  1. Don’t make impulsive decisions
    If you’ve been planning to sell your current home to downsize or move to a new location, you’ve likely done research and given some thought to the idea. If not, though, a quick decision right after you retire could lead to disappointment or financial difficulty. Take time to explore all the factors that go into any move you’re considering. You can also discuss your ideas with me – I have in-depth experience helping many others who have made the same kinds of moves you’re now contemplating.
  2. Remember that retirement isn’t the same as a vacation
    You may have loved going to your favorite vacation spot each year and dreamed about one day retiring there. But vacationing in a place is not the same as living there. Before you make that move, spend time in the area and imagine it as your permanent home. Does it have the year-round amenities, weather and lifestyle that work well for you? Also, can you afford the kind of home you want and the ongoing cost of living there?
  3. Don’t forget your health and mobility
    Whether you want to remain in your current home or sell it and buy something else, think about how your life could change as you age. Does your location provide access to the medical care you may need? Is the home itself navigable if you become less mobile? Planning for these possibilities now may save you from having to move again if your health declines.
  4. Keep the costs in mind
    Whether you’re thinking about buying a second home or selling your current house and buying something nicer, be sure to carefully run the numbers. It’s easy to underestimate all the costs of homeownership. Can you really afford the homeowners association fees, insurance, maintenance and taxes without depleting your retirement money too quickly?
  5. Have a plan for your sale proceeds
    If you make a sizeable profit from downsizing, what will you do with that money? A new car and lavish vacations may be tempting, but soundly investing your proceeds may be just what you need to shore up your retirement nest egg.

Interested in selling and downsizing? The San Antonio real estate market is hotter than ever. I’d love to sell your home for you and help you find a new one.

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316 Harmon (featured above) is listed by my Nix Realty Company colleague Lynn Cunningham. This 1,614-sq.-ft., 2-bed, 2-bath home is the perfect combination of original features, complimented with new designs. Stylish, new functional floor plan complete with inspiring details. Enhanced areas include reconfigured large open kitchen, new laundry/mud room, cozy family room with original fireplace & cool outdoor porch. Newly created master bathroom & closet with latest design trends; oversized shower. New central a/c system. A wonderful home for the discerning buyer. Let’s go see it!

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