Our newest Day of the Dead San Antonio festival kicks off this Friday, Nov. 1 – and what better way to celebrate than with a 10-foot-tall catrina of Selina? This tribute to our Tejano Queen was designed by Menchaca Studio and handcrafted by more than 40 indigenous Huichol artisans in Mexico. It took two months to produce her – she wears more than 2 million beads! She’s currently standing at the corner of West Market and South Alamo streets here in San Antonio, surrounded by pots of orange marigolds. We’re welcome to leave offerings in her honor and to get those Instagram selfies with her under way!

Based at La Villita, this new festival features our first-ever “Catrinas On the River” barge parade Friday night. Plenty of fun activities are planned, including performances, live music, art exhibits, great foods, colorful altars and numerous other celebrations of culture. The festivity continues Saturday and ends Sunday night. My sister and I plan to run the Celebrating Life 5K race Saturday morning, jogging our way through the historic cemetery at Mission Park South.

Lots of other great events are going on citywide, as well. Our goal? To make San Antonio as known for Day of the Dead as New Orleans is with Mardi Gras. Have a look at this great list from San Antonio Current, rest up and get ready to spend the next several days honoring those we’ve loved and lost.

Selena will remain on the corner of West Market and South Alamo until Nov. 3 and will then move to a permanent location in San Antonio. Stay tuned for details!

In honor of San Antonio’s 300th anniversary, I’m ranking our Selena Catrina No. 47 in my 300 Reasons to Love San Antonio list. Another great reason to live, work, buy a home and celebrate life in San Antonio.